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Trauma and Crisis Care Level 1


As a result of this course, you will be able to: 

  • Know:  
    • What is needed for a child to develop healthily? 
    • The impact of trauma, grief and loss on children and youths 
    • An Introduction to intervention models looking at the cycle of violence and the STOP model 
  • Understand: How to understand and begin helping a child who is traumatized or grieving 
  • Apply: Be able to handle children and youths who are hurting, with a fuller understanding of why they are behaving the way they are and with strategies to help. 

Topic Outline 

  • Foundational Needs of Children 
  • Introduction to ‘From Spiritual Harm to Spiritual Healing’ 
  • Foundations in Working with Children and Youths 
  • Children and Youths at Risk and In Crisis 
  • Trauma, Causes, Symptoms, Etc. 
  • Factors That Impact Children and Youths     
  • Understanding Losses That Can Occur in Childhood 
  • Children and Youths and Grief 
  • Attachment and Bonding 
  • The Cycle of Violence & Intervention Planning 
  • A Walk with Jesus: God’s view of children 
  • Detoxing Thinking: Introduction to the impact of negative thoughts 
  • STOP Model of Intervention