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Trauma and Crisis Care Level 2


As a result of this course, you will be able to: 

  • Know:
    • How to more effectively mentor in a Biblical way bringing healing to the wounded 
    • How to engage in spiritual warfare on behalf of the wounded without causing further abuse 
    • How to effectively deal with conflict 
  • Understand: Key skills for mentoring traumatized children and youth 
  • Apply: Be able to use good, Biblical, age-appropriate skills when dealing with traumatized people. 

Topic Outline 

  • Spiritual Aspects of Mentoring 
  • Nine Key Mentoring Skills for Traumatized Children and Youths 
  • Group Mentoring 
  • Mentoring the Sexually Abused
  • In the shoes of broken children
  • Child Protection
  • Peace Education and Conflict Resolution